Q. Why do I need a quality Language Services Provider?

A. If you have documents that require translation or an event or business meeting to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages, and you do not have the human resources to handle this in-house then you require our services.

Q. What languages do our services cover?

A. We can provide all our services in over 100 languages and we have Production Teams operating in 4 different time zones.

Q. Which regions do we provide services for?

A. As a global services company we can provide our services in any region including Greater China, Southeast Asia, Europe, The Americas, Africa and Australasia.

Q. How are fees determined?

A. The language pairs, turnaround time or period of the project, subject matter and the word count all determine the level of translator/interpreter expertise required and hence the fees. For interpreter assignments our fees are based on a half-day or full day rate with a minimum of 4 hours per assignment. For simultaneous interpreter projects there will be equipment required and there are specific fees for hire of this equipment, which will also include an on-site technician.

Q. Does GBI employ Translation Memory tools?

A. Yes. Please ask us how we can apply these tools to your projects and immediately save you money on your current translation costs.

Q. Can GBI handle urgent documentation translation requests?

A. Yes absolutely. Due to the high quality nature and experience of the translators we employ we offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Q. How does GBI ensure the quality of my project?

A. Before our translators and interpreters are employed they are rigorously tested and screened for suitability as to language capability, previous experience and subject matter expertise. For document translation the EN15038 international quality standard process is strictly followed for all projects. A separate translator, editor and proofreader will be employed and they will be native speakers of the target language. The company founder personally guarantees a quality outcome on each and every project. We will also ask for feedback on quality of delivery and performance after every project.

Q. How will GBI ensure the confidentiality of my project?

A. Confidentiality is a key priority and all of our translators/interpreters are subject to our signed confidentiality arrangements and we are also happy to execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement with you upon request.

Q. What is the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation?

A. For consecutive interpretation (CI), the interpreter speaks after the key presenter has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the presenter, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders a portion of the message or the entire message in the target language.

For simultaneous interpretation the interpreter, while sitting in a soundproof booth, translates the message in the target language to the audience as the speaker continuously speaks. The simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the audience via their headphones. Equipment is required.

Q. What is the ideal advanced notification period for engaging an interpreter?

A. Typically for consecutive interpreters at least 2 weeks notice in advance is preferable. For simultaneous interpretation projects 1-2 months planning notice in advance is ideal. That said, we would work hard to find and match the best possible resources whatever your time frame may be.

Q. Does GBI offer preferential pricing?

A. Yes. For large projects or where a client is able to enter into a preferred supplier arrangement we will put together a tailored proposal that will offer special pricing.

Q. Why should I choose GBI?

With core values of integrity, service delivery, quality and responsiveness, confidentiality is also of paramount importance as is a personal performance guarantee. We offer a bespoke approach to each project, including a comprehensive client brief and consultation process, coupled with the business knowledge and over 12 years experience to achieve the best possible business outcome for you, the client.

At GBI we know that business communication is a vital component of your everyday operations and we will respond quickly to meet your immediate need and design a solution that matches your budget.